Amaretto-Peach French Toast: Entertaining with the Diva of Do Ahead

Amaretto-Peach French Toast

Last weekend, I invited guests for Sunday brunch and then wondered what to serve that could be ready quickly after church.   I turned to Perfect Party Food, All the Recipes and Tips You’ll Ever Need for Stress-Free Entertaining,* from the Diva of Do-Ahead Diane Phillips.  Diane is noted for her do-ahead recipes and having taken several of her cooking classes, I knew that her recipes were “can’t miss.”   There were several options for brunch casseroles in the cookbook – I had a difficult time making a selection.

A sweet treat is always popular, so I chose to make Amaretto-Peach French Toast. It was absolutely delicious and quite a hit with my guests.  It was sweet, but not too sweet. It uses baking powder as the leavener which is a plus since I work at Clabber Girl and we manufacture Clabber Girl and Rumford Baking Powders. I used Rumford Reduced Sodium Baking Powder and the toast rose beautifully.  Since I had blueberries and peaches in my freezer, I used both, and the flavor combination was great.

The French toast was easy to assemble, and took very little time to prepare.  I did add a bit more amaretto than the recipe called for and that additional flavor boost was nice.  Otherwise, I made the recipe exactly as directed.  (One of the best things about this particular cookbook is that EVERY recipe is Do-Ahead!  Diane gives tips for freezing, using a crockpot, recipe variations, and serving suggestions including garnishes. It’s a great resource for those who like to entertain.)

My guests raved over the dish and asked for the recipe, which I think is the true test of a recipe’s success.  I can’t wait to try out other recipes from Diane’s book….brunch anyone?

*Perfect Party Food is a James Beard Foundation Book Award Nominee and published by The Harvard Press, 2005.

Amaretto-Peach French Toast



  • Esther says:

    Sounds great! I love make ahead recipes. Can this be successfully made in larger quantities, say for a church breakfast
    using institutional sized pans? If so do you have any hints? Can Italian bread be used instead of French Bread? Thanks

    • Elaine McVay says:

      Esther, that’s a great question. From my perspective as a person who enjoys cooking at home but not professionally, I would make them in larger quantities. A 9×13 dish is approximately a half-pan; I would double the recipe for a full pan. To make sure you get the bread soaked and the proportions correct, I would mix only a double batch at one time. Substituting Italian for French would probably work as well. Good luck, and thanks for your interest!

  • Coco in the Kitchen says:

    This would be the perfect breakfast treat for our overnight guest from Japan. I’m going to prep it the night before and toss it into the oven before I jet off to work. The men will enjoy a night hot breakfast! Thanks!

  • Eileen says:

    Looks good. Did you replace some of the peaches with blueberries or use additional fruit?

    • Elaine says:

      Eileen, I added blueberries to the peaches that were called for in the recipe, so I had additional fruit.

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